Aug 15, 2013 Intelligent Sprayer Demo in Niagara


Growers. Thursday, August 15 at J.C. Bakker & Sons Nurseries.  “Intelligent Sprayer Demo Day”.  If a new sprayer design could reduce crop protection inputs by 70 per cent, would you be interested?

Researchers in Ohio are developing efficient  sprayers that use sensor technology to respond to crop size and presence. The sprayer then uses that information to vary the flow of pesticides from nozzles during applications. By spraying only the targeted plants, the sprayers have potential to reduce the volume of pesticides used while providing comparable control of the pests. This should decrease spray lost on the soil or by drift and also has potential for a significant reduction in operating costs, without compromising (and may be improve) efficacy.

Check out the article  by Heping Zhu and Dr. Robin Rosetta in The Digger

Come and see for yourself, the “intelligent sprayer”, designed and customized for nursery production systems,  will be demonstrated for its efficiency and efficacy on real-life commercial nursery crops.

Dr. Heping Zhu, well known for his extension work at Ohio State University and associate Randy Zondag will be sharing their latest research with us in St. Catharine’s (at J.C. Bakker and Sons). 

When: Thursday, August 15 (Rain day: August 16) 

Where: JC Bakker and Sons Nurseries Ltd.                                                                                       (1360 Third Street, RR #3. St. Catharines)

RSVP only.

To register, click here.

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