Spring has sprung!


Magnolia x soulangiana in early bloom (JL)


Forsythia in mid bloom (JL)

For those of us that have been wishing for warmer temperatures, our dreams are finally coming true. But along with the heat, we have some precipitation coming.



Spruce spider mite eggs (D. Cheung)

Spruce spider mites are hatching as new growth is emerging, monitor for populations of hatching mites and where levels are threatening economic injury, spray with miticides such as Floramite, Kanemite and Vendex.


White pine weevil adult (D. Cheung)

White pine weevils are very active breeding and laying their eggs in the top terminals of last year’s growth.  Cygon is registered as a terminal spray in nursery production and research is being conducted this year to obtain more options to manage this pest in Canada.


Jason Lemay, Nursery Scout (B.Sc.)

Jason Lemay, a recent graduate of Environmental Biology at the University of Guelph has started as our Nursery Scout.  Jason will be scouting several nurseries in southern Ontario this season and he will be providing some monitoring data for our Nursery Blog.  This is a collaborative project between Landscape Ontario, University of Guelph and OMAF & MRA.  Welcome Jason!




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