Yellow Headed Spruce Sawfly and Gypsy Moth Hiding & Feasting

In the north Toronto area, there is quite a problem with yellow headed spruce sawfly.  I blogged about their hatch last week and already they have grown to 10-15 mm long!

Take a quick scan of the new growth on spruce, especially Colorado spruce (Picea pungens).  Look for straw-like needs that are withering….and the disappearance of needles all together.  This is very typical damage of YHSS.

image0004 image0005

And here is the little beast, the yellow headed spruce sawfly larva.  They really blend in to the foliage and they are easy to miss.


Hopefully these photos of injury make their detection a little easier for you 🙂

And look what else we found lurking on an English oak…..little shadows on leaves when we looked up into the canopy.


We flipped over some leaves and there they were hiding…..


And several were hiding on the main trunk, taking their afternoon Siesta….




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  1. I just love the photos with the information! It helps so much.


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