Creative Botanical Signage Fosters Spirit This Time of Year!


Well, we are rolling towards the end of June already and if you running a retail business, this is the time of year when sales traffic slows down a bit.

I say “psh”, attract them to your business with a ….wait for it…..

creative, botanically- themed SIGN!
I was LOL’ing when I saw this one out in Aurora last week:


This should be on every gardener’s front door:


This one is just awesome:


There are so many people I know in the industry who need this one:


Every garden centre and nursery needs one of these:


This one should go right in front of the fertilizer POP:


I just had to:


This one should be on your sign, customers would identify with this one:


OK, this one is for my garden 🙂


There are a lot more ideas out there that are just hilarious 🙂

Let your imagination run free!

About Jen Llewellyn

OMAFRA Nursery and Landscape Specialist @onnurserycrops
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