Have you seen the weather forecast?


ARE YOU CULTIVATING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE?                              (Photo: Markus Grossalber) (Flickr)

Environment Canada is calling for much more seasonable temperatures for next week.  Daytime high’s will be in the balmy range of -3 to -7 C in many areas!  Time to break out the t-shirt and shorts!  I am predicting a HUGE positive attitude change for southern Ontarians.  I can feel mine shifting already….

March is almost here, the month that holds the beginning of the spring, March 20, which happens to fall on a Friday this year.  The first day of spring is also called the Spring Equinox, when the number of daytime hours = the number of nighttime hours.  Which means that on the day after that…..the days become longer than the nights.

The price of oil is still down and is predicted to hold steady for the spring shipping season and beyond.  This also leaves Ontario consumers with more disposable income and what better way to spend it than investing in their home’s landscaping?

Low interest rates are holding and are expected to hold into 2016. The relative value of the Canadian and the US dollar are stimulating export opportunities for Ontario nursery growers as well as the manufacturing sector and tourism.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is predicting that “the housing market will hold up and post further gains under improving economic and population growth, low interest rates, and pent-up demand”.

All of these factors are spurring economists to predict an even higher rise in our province’s Gross Domestic Product.

And on top of all that, its Friyay.  Happy Friyay.






About Jen Llewellyn

OMAFRA Nursery and Landscape Specialist @onnurserycrops
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