Japanese Beetle Adults Starting to Emerge

<a href="/clm/species/popillia_japonica"><em>Popillia japonica</em></a> (Japanese Beetle) adult on cedar.                 Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica) adults are starting to take flight in southern Ontario!

DSC_0314  Japanese beetle adults are just starting to emerge in southwestern Ontario and some have been spotted in Niagara and Hamilton.  Look for these shiny green and copper beetles feeding on grapes, roses and other flowers.  Where possible, knock adults into a bucket of soapy water (to kill them).  Several insecticides are registered for the adults, including Sevin XLR.

<a href="/clm/species/amphimallon_majalis"><em>Amphimallon majalis</em></a> (European Chafer) adult. European chafer adults starting to emerge. Look for medium brown scarab beetle swarming blooming Linden trees (e.g. Tilia cordata).  Historically we see them around Canada day in the Guelph area but this year has been a little kooky with weather.

<a href="/clm/species/amphimallon_majalis"><em>Amphimallon majalis</em></a> (European Chafer) larva. Have white grubs (e.g. European chafer, June beetle) OR Japanese Beetle phytosanitary restrictions been an issue at your nursery?

<a href="/clm/species/amphimallon_majalis"><em>Amphimallon majalis</em></a> (European Chafer) larval damage on cedar.                              Preventative applications of Intercept (imidacloprid) and Acelepryn (chlorantraniliprole) are registered for white grubs in nursery production and the application period begins now.

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OMAFRA Nursery and Landscape Specialist @onnurserycrops
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