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IPM This Week – July 11

Click HERE for the AUDIO version of this blog post.                         Frequent precipitation events continue to shower outdoor ornamentals with too much love.  Leaf diseases are rampant, making plants … Continue reading

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Jumping for Joy in the Foliage (June 8)

What a spring for cankerworms!  A few species of cankerworms (Geometrids) can be found feeding on trees and shrubs in the landscape and nursery.  The greater Hamilton area is seeing significant populations of Fall Cankerworm, pale-green larvae that move like … Continue reading

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Is it Needlecast Disease….or something else?

We’ve seen a fair amount of dieback on spruce trees in the nursery and landscape over the last few years.  It all seemed to start back in the fall of 2013, just after that wicked hot summer where some areas … Continue reading

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EVERGREENS: Winter Desiccation or a Pest Issue?

I had a request for an article on diagnosing winter desiccation versus pest and disease issues on evergreens.  I find diagnosing diseases of evergreens versus physiological and abiotic disorders to be tricky.  But here is the decision-making process that I … Continue reading

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Real or Fake?

Each year, Ontario households have the same annual debate: real or fake? If you talk to your clients, you’ll hear opinions for, against and everything in between. The answer? Whatever the client wants, Hello. But what does the science say?

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