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Protect Evergreens Where New Growth is Emerging

Monitor for needlecast and blight diseases on older foliage where new foliage is emerging on PINE and SPRUCE.

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eLandscape Helps Homeowners connect with Verified Pros

Have you heard of eLandscape?

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Upcoming IPM Workshop for Landscape, Arboriculture and Garden Centre Pro’s

Looking for a fun, educational workshop to brush up on your plant health knowledge and skills?  Looking to network with other professionals? Have I got the workshop for you! March 28, 2017:  IPM in the Woody Landscape at Landscape Ontario in … Continue reading

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Its Time for Cultural Management of Fall Cankerworm

Homeowners and horticulturalists alike will remember being inundated with tiny, green loopers feeding voraciously on many of our shade trees this past spring (Acer, Betula, Celtis, Fagus, Malus, Quercus, Tilia, Ulmus).  These were the larvae or caterpillar stage of the … Continue reading

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Scale Crawlers are OUT!

One of the most filthiest scale insect pests known to horticulturalists, the Euonymus scale (Unaspis euonymi) is a tiny little armored scale that covets evergreen Euonymus fortunei in the garden or landscape.  Adult females have a dark cover that is … Continue reading

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Get OUT! Honeylocust Plant Bugs Are

  Honeylocust Plant Bug nymphs were found feeding on emerging foliage of Gleditsia tricanthos (honeylocust) in the Greater Toronto area this week.  Plant bugs are tiny, yellow-green insects that feed with piercing-sucking mouthparts on emerging foliage.  They have a toxic … Continue reading

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Landscapers, Arborists and Retail Garden Centre owners? – This IPM Seminar is for YOU!

  Would you be able to identify woody plant issues and what causes them?  How about some ways to manage them through an integrated pest management program? Landscapers, Arborists and Garden Centre professionals who are interested in learning more about IPM … Continue reading

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