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Spruce Spider Mites are Loving This Weather!

          Monitor for adults and eggs of spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis) on conifers with a history of mite damage (Abies, Picea, Thuja).  These are COOL season mites that will feed on current seasons’s foliage well into the … Continue reading

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Listen, I know it’s raining. And by now you are thinking that you just can’t handle another rain day. Believe me, I hear ya. And I’m there too. But I checked the weather forecast and they are predicting sunny skies … Continue reading

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Mid-Fall is a great time for IPM in the Landscape

The rainy, cool conditions that characterized the 2014 growing season have left their mark on several trees and shrubs. There is an unprecedented amount of foliar diseases in the landscape, some of which we don’t commonly see from year to … Continue reading

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Dormant Oil in the Autumn?

It’s been a warm month so far but the long-term forecast is calling for much cooler temperatures.  That means we will soon have an opportunity to manage some of our plant pests, such as mite eggs and scale insect nymphs, … Continue reading

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Welcome to ONnurserycrops Blog!

Welcome to ONNurseryCrops

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