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EVERGREENS: Winter Desiccation or a Pest Issue?

I had a request for an article on diagnosing winter desiccation versus pest and disease issues on evergreens.  I find diagnosing diseases of evergreens versus physiological and abiotic disorders to be tricky.  But here is the decision-making process that I … Continue reading

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Spruce needle drop in the Landscape?

  It seems to be one of the most common complaints this spring: my spruce tree is turning brown and dropping needles!!!!

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What’s up with that duck?

Each March the Canada geese herald in the beginning of spring with the honking broadcasts and displays of male prowess on lakes and storm water collection ponds.  The real sign of spring (for me) is when they start standing on … Continue reading

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Have you seen the weather forecast?

Environment Canada is calling for much more seasonable temperatures for next week.  Daytime high’s will be in the balmy range of -3 to -7 C in many areas!  Time to break out the t-shirt and shorts!  I am predicting a HUGE positive … Continue reading

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Old Man Winter is here

  Weather experts across several regions are predicting a long, cold winter with below-average temperatures for much of Ontario.  Last winter we saw an unprecedented level of rodent and deer feeding on nursery crops.  Many of us noticed large populations of voles, … Continue reading

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Good News: The Days are Getting Longer!

But dang, it’s cold out there! What’s up with the weather? Evelyn Browning Garriss, author of the Browning Newsletter and well-known “Weather Whisperer” will tell you, it’s because of the volcanic eruptions in the arctic. Yes, since 2011, there have … Continue reading

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Winter Injury Still Rearing It’s Ugly Head

  Believe it or not (and maybe you don’t believe it), but many horticulturalists believe that the recent dieback on trees and shrubs in the landscape and nursery can be at least partially explained by winter injury. By winter injury … Continue reading

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Funky Dissected Leaves on Weeping Eur Beech?

I have had a lot of questions about strange shapes of leaves on weeping European beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula’) this week from landscapers, arborists, garden centres and field production nursery growers. What we are seeing is slight chlorosis (yellowing) and … Continue reading

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Lot’s and lot’s of spots (May 30/14)

Until recently, we’ve been experiencing a fairly cool, wet spring with some pretty significant temperature shifts over a short period of time.  The differences in day and night temperatures can be very damaging to plant tissue and we have seen … Continue reading

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March 24, 2014. It Could Be Worse

It’s a sure sign of SPRING!  Just last week the Canada Geese started landing on rooftops in the subdivisions and heralded the spring of 2014 in with a great amount of honking! And then, they stopped. I’m embarrassed to write … Continue reading

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