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Boxwood Leafminer Adults Starting to Fly

Boxwoods in the landscape not looking so good coming out of the winter?  Are you seeing a lot of yellow leaves? Can you see any yellow-green-brown spots? Advertisements

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It’s June 1st Already!

 We’ve just entered one of the busiest times of year for IPM managers of outdoor ornamentals. Plants are lush and pests and diseases are hungry. Are you seeing discoloured, pimple-like spots on the foliage of pear trees?

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Insect Pests on Evergreens Right Now

Look for small, white, woolly tufts or masses on the twigs of hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) (Photos: Julie Holmes, CFIA). It is still a good time to scout for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae) because of the visibility of the white … Continue reading

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Protect Crabapple, Serviceberry, Pears Now From Juniper Rusts

Gymnosporangium rusts are sporulating now on Juniperus hosts.  Look for orange, gelatinous structures on foliage and stems of various Juniperus spp.  They are sporulating both in container production and in the field.  They can be found sporulating when the Cercis … Continue reading

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Hold Off on Fall Fertilizer Where Soil is Dry

 Warm, sunny days and cold nights give rise to the most spectacular fall colours. Unfortunately, that long stretch of unseasonable warm, cloudy days and warm nights in September certainly stalled out leaf colour development this year.

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Now Is The Time To Test Leaves for Nutritional Content

                          Ever see chlorotic or stunted leaves and wonder if it could be a particular nutrient deficiency?  Soil nutrient testing can be a good tool to assess levels … Continue reading

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Time To Prune Boxwood and Eastern White Cedar

              Remember all those yellow spots on boxwood leaves we had this spring?  These were the feeding sites of the overwintering larvae of boxwood leafminer (Monarthropalpus buxi, M. flavus).

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