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Now Is The Time To Test Leaves for Nutritional Content

                          Ever see chlorotic or stunted leaves and wonder if it could be a particular nutrient deficiency?  Soil nutrient testing can be a good tool to assess levels … Continue reading

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Time To Prune Boxwood and Eastern White Cedar

              Remember all those yellow spots on boxwood leaves we had this spring?  These were the feeding sites of the overwintering larvae of boxwood leafminer (Monarthropalpus buxi, M. flavus).

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IPM This Week – July 11

Click HERE for the AUDIO version of this blog post.                         Frequent precipitation events continue to shower outdoor ornamentals with too much love.  Leaf diseases are rampant, making plants … Continue reading

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Hay Hay We’re the……Scarab Beetles!

                 Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica) adults are starting to take flight in southern Ontario!

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Pesky Pests Running Among Us

One of the most filthiest scale insect pests known to horticulturalists, the Euonymus scale (Unaspis euonymi) is a tiny little armored scale that covets evergreen Euonymus fortunei in the garden or landscape.  Adult females have a dark cover that is wider at the posterior end, sea-shell in appearance with white margins. The smaller males have […]

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Crab-apples looking…..rough?

   Yes the exceptionally cold, wet, cloudy spring has been particularly supportive of fungal and bacterial diseases during leaf emergence this year.  And our ornamental crab-apples are paying the price with thinning canopies and dieback. Click HERE for the AUDIO … Continue reading

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Injectable Solutions for Landscape Trees

The black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) are in full bloom as this is the phenology indicator species for the emergence of emerald ash borer adults.

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