Nursery Growers: Register Now for Short Course!

It’s that time of year, the annual Nursery Growers Short Course is right around the corner. This year, short course is back in-person and will be held on Friday February 10, 2023. We also have a new location; Landscape Ontario offices at 7856 Fifth Line, Milton.

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Do you grow Boxwood? Listen up!

Nurseries who grow and ship Boxwood, please read. This post provides important information on new proposed requirements and an opportunity to provide feedback to CFIA.

In November of 2022, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) added Box Tree Moth to their list of regulated pests and have established a regulated area of the entire province Ontario. You can find the details of the pest risk management decision at this link here (RMD-22-02).

With the upcoming implementation of the regulated area of Ontario for box tree moth, new domestic and import phytosanitary requirements will be put into place by CFIA with a target date of March 31, 2023 for implementation.

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Hello & nice to meet you!

Hi everyone,

My name is Cassie and I’m the new Nursery and Landscape Specialist with OMAFRA.

As many of you know, after 23 years in the role, Jen Llewellyn has moved onto other opportunities outside of OMAFRA. While nobody could ever replace Jen, I sure will do my hardest to support you all as best I can!

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Controlled Environment Lunchtime Webinar Series Starts January 20th

PRIVA’s BioLogics for Plant Growth

Peter Kamp, Crop Systems Innovator, PRIVA

Thursday, January 20, 2022

12:00–1:00 PM EST (lunch and learn)

on ZOOM!

Registration (click below):

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: OMAFRA Controlled Environment Webinar Series – PRIVA…Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: OMAFRA Controlled Environment Webinar Series – PRIVA Innovations (Fadi…zoo

Presentation Description:

Peter Kamp will present a new steering principle to achieve crop goals based on the overall water balance of the plant. The unique starting point of this steering principle is a feed-forward control for the greenhouse climate and water-supply, based on water uptake, fixation of water and transpiration of the crop. The control follows the plant’s circadian rhythm in terms of growth and crop development and can be specifically tuned to the crop goals of the grower.


Dr. Fadi Al-Daoud, Greenhouse Vegetable Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), e-mail:

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2022 Ontario Nursery Growers Short Course focuses on Production! Production! Production!

All-star lineup of propagators Amanda, Jenna & Amanda from Ground Covers Unlimited know how to get the job done while keeping everyone healthy and happy.

Join us ONLINE for the 2022 Ontario Nursery Growers Short Course

This year’s theme is – Production! Production! Production!

The speaker program is sure to add to your growing success!

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Cost-Share Funding Alert: Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Intake Opens November 15th

(Reposted from ONFloriculture)

The next application intake for cost-share funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) will be November 15 to December 6, 2021. This is good timing if you are looking to implement improvements in your greenhouse for the 2022 season.

Adopting innovative automation to improve labour productivity is an eligible project area. (Image of an automatic cutting transplanter- AutoStix)

Several project areas are available to growers.

The following categories may be of specific interest to greenhouse floriculture growers:

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Don’t Miss The Nursery Grower-Garden Centre Virtual Town Hall Tuesday Nov. 9th!

Webinar banner

What do consumers value most when purchasing nursery plants?

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the Marketing& Consumer Studies department at the University of Guelph have partnered to better understand the factors consumers consider and value when purchasing nursery plants. Results from consumer interviews completed through in-store intercept interviews and an online survey of North American consumers in 2020 and 2021 will be highlighted. Since nursery centres have increased their online presence due to pandemic restrictions, we will provide recommendations on how best to position products for both in-store and online success.

You must REGISTER to attend this event!

To REGISTER, please visit:

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Get Ready for Fall Dormant Horticultural Oil

In mid-late autumn, we have an opportunity to manage some of our plant pests, such as mite eggs and scale insect nymphs, before they go completely dormant.  Now that trees are starting to drop their leaves and the weather has turned mild for a bit, horticultural professionals have a great window for managing some overwintering plant pests! The full, dormant rate of horticultural oil is excellent for smothering juvenile stages of insects this time of year as long as the application isn’t followed too closely by a significant freeze event.  Magnolia scale (photo above: overwintering nymphs in autumn J. Llewellyn) populations were… Continue reading

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Memories of an OMAFRA Summer Field Technician

I am Mieke Boecker, the 2021 OMAFRA Summer Field Technician. I worked closely with Jen Llewellyn, OMAFRA Nursery and Landscape Specialist on several projects and this article outlines some of the highlights of my summer contract with OMAFRA.

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Monitor Beech Trees For Introduced Beech Scale Nymphs in the Coming Weeks

White waxy filaments produced by beech scale mothers protect eggs and hatching nymphs on the trunk of this American beech (J. Llewellyn)

Introduced Beech scale (Cryptococcus fagisugae) goes hand in hand with beech bark disease (Neonectria faginata and N. ditissima).  It is believed that the wounds made by the tiny scale nymphs create entry points for the lethal fungal disease.   Beech scale is easier to see this time of year on our native American beech (Fagus grandifolia).  That’s because of the white waxy coverings the females produced to protect their eggs in late summer. Continue reading

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