Injectable Solutions for Landscape Trees

EAB adults casting shadows on leaves (Markham)

Emerald ash borer adults are laying eggs.  Injectable insecticides are available to help keep trees healthy.
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Boxwood Leafminer Adults Starting to Fly


Boxwoods in the landscape not looking so good coming out of the winter?  Are you seeing a lot of yellow leaves? Can you see any yellow-green-brown spots? Continue reading

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It’s June 1st Already!

PearLeafBlisterJasonJuneField We’ve just entered one of the busiest times of year for IPM managers of outdoor ornamentals. Plants are lush and pests and diseases are hungry. Are you seeing discoloured, pimple-like spots on the foliage of pear trees? Continue reading

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Leps are languishing…. time for biocontrol

FallCankerwormLarvaSugMapleJLA_bb crop                Seeing holes in leaves on deciduous trees?  This sugar maple was showing interveinal holes and closer inspection revealed fall cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria) larvae on the leaf undersides.  Larvae are pale green (although you’ll often see darker races too) and blend in with newly emerged foliage.  They are about 8-12 mm long right now but can they eat! Oye.  Continue reading

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Upcoming IPM Workshops for Landscape, Arboriculture and Garden Centre Professionals!


Looking for a fun, educational workshop to brush up on your plant health knowledge and skills?  Looking to network with other professionals? Have I got the workshop for you!

OMAFRA-ISA Course: “IPM for Woody Plants”

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Protect Evergreens Now, New Growth is Starting To Emerge!

Monitor for needlecast and blight diseases on older foliage where new foliage is emerging on PINE and SPRUCE.


Diplodia tip blight on Austrian pine

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Aphids Among Us



Snowball aphid damage on Viburnum

Populations of Aphids are starting to really take off this spring on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals.  They are loving the softer tissue from this cool spring.  Usually aphids are not life threatening to woody plants, but they can stunt growth and they are unsightly to consumers.

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