Nursery Grower’s Short Course – Wednesday Feb 6/19

monardaPaul PilonIMG_0246

It’s the MOST anticipated EDUCATIONAL and NETWORKING event of the year! Continue reading

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Did You Manage to Manage Beech Scale This Fall?


Close up of colonies of beech scale (Chris Malumphy, The Food and Environment Research Agency,

Introduced Beech scale (Cryptococcus fagisugae) is easier to see this time of year on our native American beech (Fagus grandifolia).  That’s because of the white waxy coverings the females produce to protect their eggs.  Continue reading

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You Must Remember This?


We’ve just come to the final chapter for IPM management of outdoor ornamentals in 2018. Leaves are nearly finished shunting nutrients back into stems and roots and there are still quite a few examples of the spectacular fall colour display we’ve enjoyed in many parts of the province. Think back to June, do you remember seeing discoloured, pimple-like spots on the foliage of pear trees? Continue reading

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Have You Seen This Red & Black Bug?

It looks like a boxelder bug doesn’t it?  Ah but boxelder bugs have a lot more solid black on their wings.  Maybe a milkweed bug? No, they have red and black wings but no black circles like this one. Can’t find it in any of your reference books?  Wait a minute….maybe its not from North America.

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Be On The Lookout For This Fulgorid Beast, The Spotted Lanternfly


Here’s a pest you may have heard about, the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula).  It is not a fly, but a planthopper. In the Order Hemiptera, Family Fulgoridae.  It is actually a much stronger hopper than it is a flyer.  Found recently in the US,  Spotted Lanternfly has NOT been detected in Ontario yet.

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The Snail that Broke the Grower’s Back

Splits in tree trunks (1)                        There was quite a lot of dieback on woody shrubs and trees this spring and summer, some of it is still just showing up. Vertical cracks in juvenile trees are nothing new for us in Ontario.  But this year we are seeing a little more than our fair share.

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Weeds to Watch: Invasive Pigweeds – Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth


By: Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist – Horticulture
Dave Bilyea, Weed Management – Horticulture, University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus

The first line of defense against waterhemp and palmer amaranth is proper identification.  It is EXTREMELY difficult to identify waterhemp and palmer amaranth from other pigweed species especially as seedlings.

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