Ontario Commercial Arborist Association meets Friday, March 24

2017 Plant Health Care Seminar by the Ontario Commercial Arborist Association (OCAA)

OCAA’s yearly plant health care seminar is a must for OCAA members and all arborists to stay up to date with new information on pests and control methods.  Speakers include Richard Wilson (OMNR), Scott Olan (OMOE), Paul Bolan (Bioforest Technologies), Anand Persad (Davey Institute) and Jack Legg (Agrifood Laboratories).  Time will be provided at the end of the speakers for the group to discuss common problems, treatments, options, scouting reports etc. Continue reading

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BugFinder is here!


It’s finally here! BugFinder, the ultimate scouting app for woody plants in the nursery and landscape.  Continue reading

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Upcoming IPM Workshop for Landscape, Arboriculture and Garden Centre Pro’s


Looking for a fun, educational workshop to brush up on your plant health knowledge and skills?  Looking to network with other professionals? Have I got the workshop for you!

March 28, 2017:  IPM in the Woody Landscape at Landscape Ontario in Milton

For arborists, landscapers, parks, garden maintenance and garden centre professionals who want to know more about diagnosing and managing plant health issues on trees and shrubs.

This popular seminar will cover the most common pests that affect trees and shrubs in Ontario, and the environmental and physiological issues that make them more susceptible.

You will learn about the newest and best resources out there to help you …..

840cover-v3-feb-11_16           welcometobugfinderscreen


…..and how to use them effectively on the job

This seminar includes in-depth knowledge on pest identification, with emphasis on early detection and the timing for best results to keep woody plants healthy.

Feel free to bring your pest problems to this seminars. You will leave with answers, better problem solving skills and so much more.

Note: Continuing Educational Credits are available



And for all of the Arborists out there….mark your calendar for these hands-on, outdoor OMAFRA workshops for tree health.  More details and registration info will be coming soon from ISA Ontario.

June 13, 2017: IPM for Woody Plants (Toronto location)

June 20, 2017: IPM for Woody Plants (Strathroy location)



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Need a Professional mid-Winter Break?


Marsh wren. (Roger Eriksson, http://www.audubonmagazine.com)

Feeling stressed?  Been stuck in the office too much?  Looking for a mid-winter break with other like-minded individuals that will Inspire…..Motivate…….and Energize you for the coming growing season?

The 2017 Nursery Growers Short Course is just 4 weeks away!

Come join us at Royal Botanical Gardens for a fun networking and learning experience.

Wednesday, February 15

8:00 to 4:30

Continental Breakfast and Hot Lunch will be served

Click Here for Registration

Our Platinum Sponsor:           1478276910-mother_nurture_by_braun_logo

Come spend the day with other professional growers to learn more about:

Proven Marketing Techniques, Innovative Production Practices, Efficient Inventory Management, Improved Irrigation and Fertilizer Management, Advances in Application Technology and much more!

There will be a small trade show component and as always, plenty of time for professional networking in a relaxed botanical setting.

The Nursery Short Course is please to announce our guest speaker:


Mike Byland, from Bylands Nurseries Ltd. in Kelowna, BC.  Mike will be sharing his insights into nursery production as a 2nd generation grower.

See you there!

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Its Time for Cultural Management of Fall Cankerworm

Homeowners and horticulturalists alike will remember being inundated with tiny, green loopers feeding voraciously on many of our shade trees this past spring (Acer, Betula, Celtis, Fagus, Malus, Quercus, Tilia, Ulmus).  These were the larvae or caterpillar stage of the Fall Cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria).

<a href="/clm/species/alsophila_pometaria"><em>Alsophila pometaria</em></a> (Fall Cankerworm) larva.

Larvae are light green with thin longitudinal white stripes down their bodies and 3 pairs of prolegs at the end of their abodomen (although, the first pair is much smaller and you might miss seeing it).  Larvae grow to 2.5 cm long. There is also a black-green race.  (Photo: Dave Cheung).  Continue reading

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Spruce Spider Mites are Loving This Weather!

spruce-spider-mite-black-kt-2          Monitor for adults and eggs of spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis) on conifers with a history of mite damage (Abies, Picea, Thuja).  These are COOL season mites that will feed on current seasons’s foliage well into the fall.  In fact, fall is a pretty important season for this mite species as they can feed way up until the end of Continue reading

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Get Ready for Fall Dormant Oil Applications

Gray Treefrog

The Grey Treefrog is a carnelian, it can change colour from green to grey, depending on their environment. (Photo: Joe Crowley)

Today marks the first day of Autumn.  And with it another interesting calendar event, the Autumn Equinox.  Like the Spring Equinox (March 21), the Autumn Equinox marks a unique period of time where the length of daylight and night time hours are pretty much equal.  So as you can imagine, the wildlife can get a little confused this time of year.  If you spend time outdoors you might notice the odd mating song of birds and frogs.  I have heard a lot of male Grey Tree Frogs singing in the last week or so.  How cool is that?  Continue reading

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