Time To Prune Boxwood and Eastern White Cedar

BoxLeafMinerDamageApril              Remember all those yellow spots on boxwood leaves we had this spring?  These were the feeding sites of the overwintering larvae of boxwood leafminer (Monarthropalpus buxi, M. flavus). Continue reading

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IPM This Week – July 11

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BlumeriellaOnPrunus                      Frequent precipitation events continue to shower outdoor ornamentals with too much love.  Leaf diseases are rampant, making plants look scraggly in some areas with prolonged leaf wetness periods.  The second flush of growth on woody plants is looking better than the first, but still.  Prunus species (cherry) are showing obvious shot hole leafspot caused by the fungus Blumeriella jaapii (above photo, Melissa Huntley).   Continue reading

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Hay Hay We’re the……Scarab Beetles!

<a href="/clm/species/popillia_japonica"><em>Popillia japonica</em></a> (Japanese Beetle) adult on cedar.                           Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica) adults are starting to take flight in southern Ontario!  They have been spotted building in numbers in southwestern Ontario this week.  Continue reading

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Pesky Pests Running Among Us

GypsyMothLarvaHideAfternoonYellowHeadJune19_17_01 Gypsy moth larvae are donning their yellow heads…..which means they are no longer susceptible to the biocontrol Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t./Dipel/Foray).  Success naturalyte insecticide can be used to Continue reading

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Crab-apples looking…..rough?

Fireblight1   Yes the exceptionally cold, wet, cloudy spring has been particularly supportive of fungal and bacterial diseases during leaf emergence this year.  And our ornamental crab-apples are paying the price with thinning canopies and dieback.

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Injectable Solutions for Landscape Trees

EAB adults casting shadows on leaves (Markham)Image result for robinia pseudoacacia tree

The black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) are in full bloom as this is the phenology indicator species for the emergence of emerald ash borer adults. Continue reading

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Blasted Blight on our Beautiful Maples

maple anthracnose      Seeing dark spots and blighted tissue on our native maple leaves?

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