Just how well does your landscape sprayer work?


When was the last time your calibrated your sprayer?
Are you sure you are hitting the target?
Is the operating pressure accurate or are you under/overestimating the total amount you are applying?

If you are hesitating answering any of these questions, it sounds like you may want to attend….

The OMAFRA Landscape/Arboriculture Sprayer Workshop

Thursday September 25, 2014
Landscape Ontario HQ in Milton (#7856 5th Line South)
9:00 to 1:00 pm (includes lunch)
Registration: $25 (call 1-800-265-5656 x 309/fax 905-875-1805)
Includes: manual, hands-on educational workshop with YOUR sprayers

See below to register:

Jason Deveau, OMAFRA Application Technology expert will walk us through the basics behind spray coverage on landscape trees and assess your commercial sprayer is working with some basic, practical methods. This is an amazing opportunity for all arborists and landscape professionals. Especially those using green products to manage tree pests.

Registration OMAF Sprayer Workshop – September 25

About Jen Llewellyn

OMAFRA Nursery and Landscape Specialist @onnurserycrops
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