Do you use an airblast sprayer?

 2015_Airblast101_Sample_Pages_Tag    Airblast 101 – A Handbook of Best Practices in Airblast Spraying-  is available online.

OMAFRA’s spray guy, Jason Deveau,  and his team of educators and researchers have updated the airblast sprayers handbook, making it easier to use and up to date.     Airblast 101 is a handbook that describes best practices in airblast spraying in clear, conversational language. With more than 200 full-colour illustrations and 200 pages of content, Airblast 101 takes the reader from adjusting airblast settings for the first spray of the season all the way to winterizing the sprayer at the end of the season.

This is the fourth edition of this handbook. The scope has grown a lot over the years, but it has always focussed on three central themes:

  1. Understanding the forces that influence droplet behaviour.
  2. How to optimize airblast sprayers to match the target and minimize waste.
  3. How to diagnose spray coverage and make changes to improve it.

You can download the pdf or a version for your apple device or android.

To access the electronic version, click HERE.

Yes, they have a limited number of printed versions that they can arrange to ship on request. They are ring-bound with a wrap-around water-resistant cover and are printed on a high-quality glossy stock.  If you’d like to arrange to have a copy sent to you, please contact

Check out for all the latest information and helpful resources!

Myth Busters: Tom Wolf and Jason Deveau (

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